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About Us

Seeds of Hope offers a safe place to find healing through our compassionate care and skilled clinical treatment.  Not only do we want to help you feel better, but we hope to see you grow into all you were created to be.

Why Seeds of Hope?

Life is challenging, but there is hope. You have many options when pursuing counseling in Springfield, Missouri and the surrounding communities. Why Seeds of Hope? We are eager to meet you where you are in your journey and work with a skilled and compassionate approach that will help you realize your goals for a better life.

Seeds of Hope is All about:

  • The Value of Every Person: You Do Matter
  • Looking Back to Move Forward: Face the Pain
  • Setting and Maintaining Boundaries: Break Codependency
  • Taking Personal Responsibility: Own your Part
  • Developing Character: Find your True Self
  • Living Intentionally: Routine, Rest, Reflection
  • God is for You: Let Him Show You

Seeds of Hope is Not about:

  • Ineffective Labeling
  • Tolerating Abuse or Injustice
  • Blaming instead of Changing
  • Submitting to Shame
  • Hiding behind Perfectionism
  • Eliminating all Discomfort