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At Seeds of Hope, our clinicians believe in the importance of continuing education and training. We value and use a variety of treatment approaches to meet the unique needs of clients. We do our best to stay informed about effective evidence-based practices so that we can offer the best care that our clients deserve. ACT, Brain Spotting CBT, DBT, and Gottman Method are some of our specialized trainings.

Depression, fear, and anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that we can experience at some point in our lives. Through counseling and treatment, we are able to help you recover motivation, perspective, and joy that you once had in your life. You have options in Springfield. Find a therapist for you at Seeds of Hope Counseling.

Trauma is stored in our bodies if it is left unprocessed which often results in pain, anger, anxiety, fear, hopelessness, not feeling good enough. “Silence about trauma also leads to death—the death of the soul. Silence reinforces the godforsaken isolation of trauma. Being able to say aloud to another human being, “I was raped” or “I was battered by my husband” or “My parents called it discipline, but it was abuse” or “I’m not making it since I got back from Iraq,” is a sign that healing can begin.”

Bessel Van Der Kolk in The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma. As you walk through your healing journey, it is essential that you feel safe, heard, and seen. We can help you overcome these symptoms and guide you through the process of grief and healing. Our services include EMDR therapy. We will meet you where you are at in your healing journey and help empower you to find your voice.

Life can get overwhelming very quickly, but there are real strategies to take back control. If you are stressed and pulled in too many direction, today is a great day to realign and go forward with a deeper sense of well-being. Find a therapist in Springfield to begin your healing journey today.

Grief is a tsunami of emotion that can wipe out all that you have known to be safe and right. You are left feeling damaged and with a deep longing for the loved one that you have lost. Grief comes in many forms and leaves you feeling disorganized and lost.

Through grief counseling, you can find a safe place to speak about how you are feeling while also receiving psychoeducation about the grief process. At Seeds of Hope, we will meet you where you are at on your grief journey. Contact us today to get started.

Whether you are dealing with the challenges that come with bipolar disorders or whether you love someone who is, support and assistance are critical to experience your best life. Our years of experience in walking through these challenges have prepared us to help you. Counseling can be a critical part of your support system. Find a therapist in Springfield to help you today

Life with family can be messy, but we want to help you find a new way forward. We have experience with the process of court ordered counseling to achieve the goal of family reunification. You can start a new chapter in the story of your family today. Whether you are looking for marriage counseling or help with your child, you can find a therapist who is right for you in Springfield at Seeds of Hope Counseling.

Alcohol and drug addiction is a disease that causes you to continue to use substances despite significant consequences. You can feel a loss of control, take risks, and have physical, legal, or occupational issues along with other problems. Therapy provides addiction psychoeducation as you identify reasons for your addiction, and learn skills to overcome addiction. Seeds of Hope will meet you where you are. Contact us today to get started on breaking the addiction cycle.

Start your new adventure of marriage with tools that you can use. Learn about yourself and your partner in a fun and safe space that encourages reflection and openness. Discover skills for communication, conflict resolution, financial management, and much more that seeks to prepare you for a lifetime of love that remains. Seeds of Hope is here to meet you where you are at and help you have a healthy successful loving marriage.

 Relationships greatly impact our lives, and yet, most of us have not been taught healthy ways to work through difficulties when they arise in the relationships that mean the most to us. Betrayal, differences, and miscommunication can often be overcome with input from an outsider. Whether you are a couple or an individual looking for assistance to improve your connections, please let our experience and knowledge help you.

We offer marriage / couples counseling, family counseling, and individual counseling. Seeds of Hope is eager to meet you where you are and work through toxic relationships. Contact us today to start with new hope for better relationships.

Anger is a normal emotion that can be justified but must be controlled. You have the right to feel angry when an important goal is blocked; when you or a loved one is attacked or threatened; when power, respect, or status is lost; or when you experience physical or emotional pain. However, unmanaged anger has consequences such as strained relationships, employment problems, legal trouble, and other significant problems.

Learning anger management skills can help you gain better control over yourself and your life, Seeds of Hope will meet you where you are and walk with you as you find change. Contact us today to start in a new direction.

Are you ready to experience greater fulfillment? A Life Coach is a wellness professional that coaches you in the discovery of your best next steps towards your best results! Having meaningful and impactful conversations that are facilitated by a skilled Life Coach will allow you the freedom to explore possibilities, clarify goals, create strategies for professional and personal growth, and oh-so-much more!  If you are considering a change in careers, a Life Coach can help.  If you want to achieve a goal but need help knowing where to start, a Life Coach can help.  Perhaps identifying your strengths and discovering how to develop those will benefit you in developing healthier relationships.  Yes, our Life Coach is a Gallup Strengths Certified Coach and can help you with that as well! 

Seeds of Hope is here to provide the support you need to achieve the changes you desire.